Internal Communication videos – share vital messages in seconds and communicate in a more personal way. 

how ark can help

93% of internal communication professionals believe video has become vital.  (Melcrum Study, 2011)

Using video enables internal communication teams to share vital messages in seconds and communicate in a more personal way than traditional methods.  Ultimately video can save time and money for organisations.   Here are some examples of how video can help:

  • Video messages from the CEO can help to create more connection and openness.
  • Communicating company changes and communicating this in a more visual way can help make complex ideas more easily understood.
  • Video helps with new staff induction to communicate key messages on policies, procedures and orientation in an easily digestible format.
  • Training videos can be used as a cost effective way of teaching. Video means employees do not have to be in the same place at the same time and a video enables employees to watch again and refresh their learning.

Ark Media Productions use streaming software to monitor how your video is performing.  We can help you create fully interactive videos – using a mix of live action, animation and/or graphics – which will capture viewers’ attention and help get the message across in an interesting way. Videos can be hosted on your website and accessible via a staff login.

The benefits of internal communications are endless…but here are just a few


Engaging content

People are more likely to engage with video rather than presentations, emails or long documents.


Speedy distribution

Video can be distributed quickly across various devices.


Saves time and money

Utilising video instead of seminars, workshops and presentations can ensure your staff save time, money and increase productivity.

Did you know we offer a
credit based regular video package?

Take a look at examples of our client videos .  From the UK to Africa, corporate business video to award winning feature films.