Video can provide a number of key benefits to organisations. Those who receive internal communications via a video are more likely to absorb the information. According to;


69% of Internal Communication pros are using video to engage employees and 41% plan to increase its usage.


Video can help put faces to names, resulting in stronger bonds between employees and company culture.


  1. News & updates to the entire company

  2. Newsletters – delivering the same message to all employees

  3. Animation – a great way to keep employees engaged

  4. Thank you video – say thanks for all their hard work

  5. Training videos

  6. New health & safety training videos

  7. PPE training videos – how & when to use it

  8. New employee onboarding

  9. Staff vox pops – videos to engage and keep employees feeling connected

  10. Employee spotlight video – someone who has gone the extra mile

  11. Interactive videos – great for training and keeping employees engaged.



11 Types of videos businesses can use for internal comms


  1. News & updates – a great way to put faces to names and keep employees engaged in the company, letting them know of any new key messages or any new targets and goals.
  2. Newsletter – Giving monthly updates to employees, but not just through an email that takes up four pages of text, use a video to keep them updated and engaged.
  3. Animation – maybe you want to start giving annual financial reviews, animation can be a great way of keeping employees engaged and absorb the information. Animation helps to bring to life those subjects that we tend to label complicated or boring
  4. Thank you, video, – thank your employees for their hard work, using a video will have a greater impact than just words on an email, it will help to create a more emotional connection. You can even personalize the video with both audio and visuals.
  5. Training – this is the perfect opportunity to use interactive video in your internal comms strategy. The employee will watch a video and then choose which answer to give, for example, in a fire safety video, the video may take them around the company warehouse which the employee then has to pick out the fire hazards as they go.
  6. New Training Videos – With some normality beginning to return, your employees need to be made aware of new rules and regulations that you make have in place such as health and safety – the brain responds quicker and better to visuals than any other kind of learning.
  7. PPE Videos – Your employees need to be made aware of personal protective equipment, when to wear it, how to wear but also why they are wearing it. Video can help to ensure employees are all given the same message
  8. New employee onboarding – use video to introduce new employees to colleagues and company culture, this also saves time for those current employees not having to introduce themselves each time.
  9. Staff Vox Pops – for larger organisations or those with staff working remotely it can sometimes be hard for teams to feel connected, videos of staff talking about their role, and how this fits within the company can help with employee engagement.
  10. Employee spotlight – use video as a platform to celebrate employees, those who have gone that extra mile to help achieve company targets
  11. Interactive Videos – Great for employee engagement, interactive videos can be branch style, have hot spots for weblinks or quizzes to check understanding.  There are so many possibilities, from training to fun engaging ideas to keep employees motivated.


If you work in internal comms and are looking to start using video production as a means of communicating quickly, easily, and symmetrically with all your staff, contact Ark Media. Our creative, innovative team will be able to bring your ideas to life and achieve those employee engagement targets.