Our credit based regular video package

Any organisation wanting to produce more than 3 videos per year will see a cost saving
in being a credit package customer.

Our clients may well ask for one video in the first place but they soon realise that video works and that the ROI is not to be sniffed at.  That’s why we developed our video production packages.

If you require 3 or more videos per year, then a video package will be more cost effective and help you spread the cost across the year.   Contact us for a chat about video marketing ideas for your business.

arkmedia currently offers four credit packages

Bronze Package
100 credits
12 Months
£750 pm
Silver Package
150 credits
12 months
£1125 pm
Gold Package
200 credits
12 months
£1500 pm
Platinum Package
£POA pm

If your requirements do not fall into one of these packages we would be happy to discuss. * All packages are exclusive of VAT.

What does each credit equate to?

As part of our credit based package we can offer reduced rates from our standard rate card. This works out to be approximately a 20 percent discount on each service we offer. To operate our credit system each task has been broken down into credits used. This means that although differing services cost differing rates our clients can mix and match services to meet their specific requirements. Here is our breakdown:

Full day single camera filming
5 credits
Half day single camera filming
2.5 credits
Post Production (editing) full day
4 credits
Voice over recording including
3 credits
professional artist (2 minutes)
3 credits
Script writing (2 minute script)
3 credits
Motion graphics full day
4 credits
Stock/Library music track
1.5 credits
Illustrations for animation per day
3 credits
Animation per day
5 credits
Additional Consultancy
3 credits
Aerial video footage (per session)
price on application