Animation videos are another way for you to get your messages out both internally and externally. We have devised a list of what we believe are the top 14 ways you could be using animation in your video marketing strategy.


  1. Animation can save you time and money as you don’t have to source expensive actors or locations.


  1. Animation can help to simplify complicated processes, training, or even products that you are offering. They help your audience to visualise things. Here’s an example of an animated explainer video.


  1. Once we have your brief, your time can be spent focusing on other jobs. You don’t need to be around for shoots, we create your animation from our desk.


  1. Anything is possible with animation – you want flying pigs; we can make flying pigs. You want a house that changes colour, we have done that too!


  1. One size doesn’t fit all – Animations can be customised for different audiences, resulting in better engagement and better ROI.


  1. Animation and motion graphics can bring your live-action videos to life! Watch Birmingham City University Safe in The City Campaign come to life with the use of live-action and motion graphics.


  1. Camera shy? No problem. We can create a miniature you! You can still do all the talking and be the face of your business, but never have to sit in front of a camera.


  1. There are lots of different types of animation from stick drawings to full 3D animation. Something to suit everyone’s needs and budget


  1. Often an animation can be an extension of a brochure or an application or even your website. Animation brings these already existing marketing materials to life


  1. You want to get your team together in one place for a shoot but it’s proving impossible – why not animate your team


  1. Animation is timeless. Unlike live action where the clothes and set can date, animation has more shelf life


  1. Once your assets are created, they can be used over and over and over again so you can develop your story or use the same assets for different things


  1. Animation enables you to be really diverse, creating characters of different gender, race, age etc.


  1. With animation you can be as creative as your like, inventing stories that you would never have been able to tell with live action


Animation has the possibility to be endless, whether that’s from communicating to clients, prospects or staff or training new employees or even animating your entire team. If you want to find out more about animation visit out animation and motion graphics page, if you already have some idea’s maybe you are unsure of what to do with them, contact one of our team here.