Ark Media have recruited new apprentice, Joe Grayston, a YouTuber with over 12,000 subscribers.  Despite being 17 Joe has been making videos and using YouTube to hone his craft for a number of years now.   Ark are already putting his editing and video production skills to good use.  Joe also has a keen interest in music, both in writing and producing.


Here’s Joe to introduce himself….

“My name is Joe Grayston, I am 17 years old, and have recently joined Ark Media as an apprentice. I have always been interested in making short films and being in short films/videos, however, I especially always loved the editing side to making these videos.

I have a YouTube channel called TheJGEdits with well over 12,000 Subscribers, over 3 million total video views, and over 200 videos on that channel!

My main videos I get substantial views from are wrestling videos with my brother on a trampoline, which, I know may not sound like anything special, but with the amount of editing time I’ve put into the videos, and how legit I made the videos look, they got individually hundreds and hundreds of thousands of views! This was all good, as the videos were getting monetised too, but I wanted to go that one step higher, and work with the professionals on filming and editing videos, which, is what I’m doing with this apprenticeship at Ark Media!

This will be a great opportunity for me to experience real shoots, edit with real time frames set by someone other than me, and understand what it’s really like to work professionally!”