If you’ve got your video marketing strategy sorted then you know what you want to achieve overall (if you haven’t you might want to read this article) so writing the brief for your videos should be pretty straightforward – shouldn’t it?

We recommend thinking about the following questions and writing out or talking through your brief with your chosen video production company:

  • What is it you want to achieve? (yes, you have your overall video marketing strategy but what is it you want to achieve from each individual video?)

  • Who are you targeting?

  • What sort of videos are you thinking about?  You may have a vision or need suggestions from the professionals as to what will work best.

  • How are you planning to distribute?  (you overall strategy will likely hold these answers)

  • Who is writing the script?

  • Who is organising filming?

  • Will you be using professionals – actors, voiceovers and so on?

  • Have you thought of how animation may benefit your video (this depends on the type of film you are producing but often animation can be something that is forgotten about in terms of how it can be used in different ways for full videos or as part of videos)

  • Do you have an ideal spend?  Clients can sometimes be reluctant to divulge this information but it’s important to manage expectations. We wouldn’t want a client expecting to have a particular piece of music or George Clooney as a voice over on a £2000 budget!

  • How are you planning to measure success?

Answering the majority of these questions will provide your video agency or production company with a really clear brief for your project ensuring you get what you need to achieve your objectives.