MoneyInfo offer financial software solutions to the financial industry. One of the videos we have created for them is a short animation promoting the MoneyInfo App, its features and why it is a good tool to have.

We have worked with MoneyInfo on many animation projects before, here’s what Oliver Jenkins, their Marketing Manager has to say about working with us.


‘This particular video Ark produced for us was to communicate the benefits of using our client portal mobile app to our end users. Our app allows users to view their entire financial life into a single dashboard view, and we wanted to visualise this to bring the concept to life!


The concept of account aggregation can come across as a bit techy and we felt that some of our prospects switch off when reading about ‘just another fintech company’. Grasping their attention quickly across digital channels such as our website and social media channels is really important. Using animated screenshots, we were able to bring the visuals of our software to life, and tell an engaging and compelling story that viewers would engage with.


The video has been very well received by our clients. It showcases the functionality available in our new client portal app in a simple and easy to digest format which is perfect to communicate what we do in a couple of minutes, and grab visitors’ attention when they land on our website. The video will eventually be rebranded for some of our corporate clients, we already have 3 orders in which has almost paid for the whole project!’