We were commissioned by Birmingham City University to produce a video as part of their wider ‘Not Always Banter’ campaign.

The University wanted to convey to new students in particular, that whilst ‘banter’ can be friendly it can also be offensive in terms of gender, sexuality, religion, race and bullying,

The ‘Not Always Banter’ campaign is working to create a respectful, happy and safe environment for all students.   The University wanted the film to encourage new students to think that what seems light-hearted to one person can feel very different to someone else.

At the time of press, the video is being shared with thousands of students across various fresher events as well as across social channels.

Here’s what the client had to say and you can find out more in the client testimonial video below.

“Through the whole filming they were excellent.  I would definitely recommend Ark because they are really supportive and they came up with some really good ideas that we hadn’t thought of”   Emma Neale, Senior Lecturer, Birmingham City University.