Sales Shift are unlike typical management consultancies; they encourage sales people to become strategic advisors, challenge thinking and facilitate long term change across their client organisations.


Our Brief

Director’s Circle is their online membership platform delivering video lessons for business leaders. The lessons include useful tools such as workshops, coaching sessions and strategy challenges, with a focus on people’s personal and professional development in areas like leadership and problem solving. We were commissioned to film the lessons and edit them to result in engaging pieces for their membership.



We filmed 31 separate videos of Jason Langford-Brown, CEO of the Director’s Circle,

delivering the seminars in front of a green screen; to which we added Keynote slides in the background featuring diagrams and images which illustrated the dialogue in more detail.  The videos are now featured on the Director’s Circle portal to be viewed by the members.


Stef Langford-Brown:

“During our first time working with Ark Media, they were efficient, friendly and produced high-quality work. They helped us assemble a great variety of videos for our project and we are excited to work with them again in the future.”