Taylor Herrick

Recruitment specialists, Taylor Herrick wanted to help a local voluntary organisation to get their message out about free CPR courses. Taylor Herrick asked us to produce a video which promoted the free CPR courses which are run by volunteers.

The video tells the story of Malcom and how he was given CPR and survived cardiac arrest and has gone on to provide training to others.

Creativity Together Documentary

In June 2017 the Ark team were commissioned to fly with the Sutton Coldfield YMCA to Israel/Palestine to document their cultural exchange in both Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The documentary is an engaging film about the culture similarities and differences of the young people of both nations as well as acting as a visual record for the projects funders.

The film is currently nominated for a Royal Television Society Cultural award in the Midlands 2017 awards.

Case Study – MEAK

Project – To produce two emotive short films in Kenya – 1 short video and 1 long version showcasing what the MEAK (Medical and Educational Aid to Kenya) does.  Narrated by Bill Nighy and shot on location in Kenya.  This work was nominated for Best Promotional Programme by the Royal Television Society. 

Our Role – Full Production and Editing