Taylor Herrick

Recruitment specialists, Taylor Herrick wanted to help a local voluntary organisation to get their message out about free CPR courses. Taylor Herrick asked us to produce a video which promoted the free CPR courses which are run by volunteers.

The video tells the story of Malcom and how he was given CPR and survived cardiac arrest and has gone on to provide training to others.

Creativity Together Documentary

In June 2017 the Ark team were commissioned to fly with the Sutton Coldfield YMCA to Israel/Palestine to document their cultural exchange in both Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The documentary is an engaging film about the culture similarities and differences of the young people of both nations as well as acting as a visual record for the projects funders.

The film is currently nominated for a Royal Television Society Cultural award in the Midlands 2017 awards.

Case Study – National Forest Adventure Farm

Project:  Promotional event videos throughout the year

Our Role: Producer / Director / Editor

The National Forest Adventure Farm in Staffordshire is a year round tourist attraction. As well as the farm animals there is an array of indoor and outdoor activities and a host of events throughout the year to attract visitors. 

The farm needed regular new and high quality video content for their website and social media channels and Ark Media was recommended to them. Success with video marketing has led the National Forest Adventure Farm to sign up to an annual video package with Ark meaning they have year round access to video production at a fixed monthly fee.

To date Ark Media have helped the National Forest Adventure Farm with a number of videos promoting events at the farm.  The videos have seen great results in terms of social media engagement contributing to increase in visitor numbers at the farm.

It’s important for us to have regular new high and quality content for our social media channels and video is proving to really work”

“Working with Ark Media has been a positive experience. We need a new video every 4-6 weeks so the pay monthly credit system works well for us. As Ark will be working with us for at least a year, they are really getting to know our business well. They are flexible and, key for us, very quick to turn a project around.

It’s important for us to have regular new high and quality content for our social media channels and video is proving to really work – particularly on Facebook.  It enables us to let our visitors know what is happening at the farm, why they should visit and what to expect when they get here.  Since working with Ark Media for our video marketing we have seen great results. I would definitely recommend Ark Media.”

                                                Nancy, Marketing Manager, National Forest Adventure Farm

Case Study – First Law International.

Project: Filming throughout the 3 day Spring conference ensuring a full record of the event for communicating to members and prospective members.  We provided a 3 man crew to film, edit and produce numerous videos including a 3 minute film of the full 3 days.

Our role: Filming, Editing and Producing