iWitness Film

In 2015 Ark Media in collaboration with 104 films and Rainbow films produced iWitness, a micro budget feature film starring former Eastenders star David Proud. The film was shot over a 2 week period in Stourport on Sea and in Sutton Coldfield. Our talented crew used all the resources at their disposal to bring a tale of isolation and paranoia to life.

The film played at a number of film festivals including the Madrid International Film Festival where it was nominated in 5 categories including best film, best producer, best editor.

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Film Production

As well as offering excellence in corporate video production arkmedia
actively work on feature films and short films

Phil Arkinstall

Ark Media, especially MD Phil Arkinstall, have a very active profile in the film business. In 2015 we produced iWitness and Battlelines. 

iWitness starring Eastenders David Proud was a micro budget feature film telling a story of isolation of a young man who is left in charge of a caravan park. During this time he beliefs 0ne of the caravans tenants has murdered his wife. A homage to the works of Hitchcock iWitness went on to be nominated for numerous awards at the Madrid International Film Festival including best film, best producer and best editing.

Later the same year we were involved in the BSLBT funded TV drama Battlelines. Set during World War One on the homefront the film tells the story of a deaf man trying to make his way in the world at one of the hardest points of human history. Battle lines won the Royal Television Society diversity award, an immense achievement for such an ambitious project.