3 Ways to Measure Video Marketing

There are lots of different metrics you can apply to your video marketing and it really does boil down to what you want to achieve – view-times, watches, shares, comments, engagement – all of which are important.  More often than not it comes down to one (or more) of three things:

  • lead generation
  • sales
  • brand awareness

Here are just three ways you could measure video marketing:

Comparative Sales

If you are posting videos on product pages this method almost makes it too simple. Compare the sales you made prior to the video going live to the sales you made prior to video. In addition, you can compare those products with videos to those without thus giving you a good overview of how much video is helping. Once you know your sales you can then work out your ROI.

Tracking Analytics

Depending on where your videos live you can obviously track using the individual site stats such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. And crucially don’t forget to use Google Analytics. If you are running video ads there is a great article here from Google about measuring video performance with video analytics.

Third Party Apps

There are also a number of third party apps and platforms such as Wistia.com and Vidyard that provide deeper analysis for video marketing such as how long did people watch for and where did they go after watching, as well as demographic information about your audience. Such platforms also integrate with other sales and marketing platforms so you can really analyse how video is helping your sales funnel.

Ark Media to film world’s FIRST dual nation hackathon!

We are very proud to have been selected as the film and production company of the world’s first dual nation hackathon to be held in Riyadh and London and supported by the Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

During the hackathon we will have a crew of 7 in Riyadh and 7 in London filming the event simultaneously across both counties. We will be producing 50 films before and during the event.

The Misk hackathon takes place 25-27 November and is open to anyone between the ages of 18 and 32.  You can find out more information about the event at Misk Hackathon website

We will be posting more information about our involvement in this event over the coming weeks.


Why storytelling is so important in video marketing

Children and adults alike enjoy storytelling but storytelling in marketing is by no means child’s play.  Whatever type of video marketing campaign you plan, without incorporating some of these storytelling principles your audience will not mentally and emotionally connect with your videos.

Tell your client’s story – not yours!

A lot of the information you see on a company’s website can be the company telling you how great they are, how many qualifications they have etc. This is all great in moderation but what’s a far better selling tool is having your customers shout about how your products or services have made their lives better!

Add conflict to their stories and how you were the resolution, the knight in shining armour, the pep talk master, the creative spark.

Kevin Spacey said at the Content Marketing World Event “The first most important element of great storytelling is conflict, conflict creates tension, tension keeps people engaged with your story”. You’re probably thinking “that sounds great Kevin but how I am going to create conflict in my Microsoft Excel Training Promo Video?!” Well, again delve into customer’s stories for inspiration and find the tension in them, here are some examples below with tension the Microsoft Excel person could work with….

A small business owner is losing lots of time and money because their organisation processes are out of control!
A single mother’s anxieties about filling out her annual tax returns is causing her to become distant from her children.
Then in your video marketing subtly show how your Microsoft Excel training services helped stop these conflicts and brought peace and harmony back into their lives. How much more engaging and glowing of your business is this more dramatic and customer centred video than you simply reeling off your skills or a company success story to camera? A lot! It may take more work but the payoffs will be bigger.

To summarise, if your product or service is too much the focus of the promo e.g. yourself bragging about your service or product, flatly listing its features, the storytelling falls flat. It becomes you forcing yourself onto people. By creating a great story where your service or product has transformed a customer’s negative story to a positive one, you enable your consumer to make a connection with the story. Once this connection is made your video marketing content, product or service is much more likely to be sold to the customer. Remember what the Great Nichola Sparks, writer of the Notebook, said ‘Every great love starts with a great story’.

How Animation Can Help in Video

Clients often forget how useful animation and motion graphics can be in videos.  It can support any type of video from internal comms, training or a promotional video. Whether it be for the full video or part of it there are a number of different ways you can and should incorporate animation in your video.

Top 3 ways to incorporate animation into your video

Visualise and simplify 

If what you do is complicated then animation can help your audience to visualise what you you are trying to explain.   Rather than someone talking through the process (which can sometimes be very boring!) animation can enable you to showcase this in a much more visual way

Save time

Animation and indeed motion graphics can also be used to save time within the actual video – the above still from one of our client’s videos shows someone talking about how much they like working for the company but the question is there (without needing to be said) resonating with the viewer and the surrounding graphics bring this to life (not to mention the branding opportunity).

Educate and Entertain 

Cartoons by their very nature are entertaining, even if the subject is a little dull or indeed depressing.  Take the Dumb ways to die video as an example, a depressing subject brought to life in an entertaining and educational way.

Here’s a quick example of how we have recently used video for our client.  Enterprise Call is an online platform that provides users with a diagnostic tool to discover their enterprising talents and skills – your personal qualities, what you know, what you do and how motivated you are to improve.  This is useful for both employers, employees, investors and entrepreneurs.  The video explains much better than we can….

5 Ways to Use Video to Enhance your Internal Communications

We’ve worked on a variety of internal communications projects and believe video has a huge part to play in any internal communications strategy (but we would say that wouldn’t we?).

5 ways you can use video to help your internal communications:

1. Use video to create training that sticks in the mind and saves money!

Using video in internal communications

Using video for training within your business is more cost-effective, more engaging and more timely than traditional methods of training such as dense employee information booklets and training events. For example, we have created a series of maintenance training videos for One Stop Convenience Stores. These videos enable staff to memorise the information far better than written material as the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than the time it takes for the brain to decode text’according to The SAGE Handbook of Political Communication. They can also replay the videos over and over until they retain the knowledge on offer.  Moreover, training videos can save companies a lot of money as they don’t have to spend as much money and time on delivering training courses and creating lengthy written training documents.

2. Use video to help drive your employees to achieve Company targets!

video for staff trainingIn any business, if there are not strong communication channels between all levels of the business some staff can become unclear about how their daily objectives contribute to the overall company’s larger goals. Employees of any business want to feel like what they do on daily basis is somehow helping to achieve the company’s overall targets and successes if not then their job satisfaction will inevitably fall as they won’t feel valued.

A great way to avoid the above from happening is to create regular short manager interview videos in which the manager identifies the overall company’s targets and how their work contributes to those goals. These types of video would help your staff feel much valued and increase motivation to carry out their duties to a higher level.

3. Use video to boost staff morale

tin telephoneEvery employee loves their hard work being rewarded with company award evenings, team building day trips and the more glamorous trips like pizza making in Sicily, a weekend away to Amsterdam etc. Yes, those types of trips do exist! The stories about these events usually spread like wildfire through the office making those who didn’t win or achieve enough to be on the trip, green with envy and very motivated to gain their own future success! This rise in staff morale and competition is priceless but it can be even further enhanced!

By creating short event videos comprising of interviews and beautiful videography of the event itself. The interviews would tell the audience how they won their place on the trip and obviously how much they’ve loved the event. This visual presentation would motivate employees far more than the office spoken word as video leaves a far greater emotional impression on people! It also would also act as a fantastic PR tool to put on your website or induction events to showcase your great employee care!

4. Use Video for Company Inductions

Creating company induction videos are a great way to ensure your company overview, ethos, expectations and health and safety regulations etc are easily remembered in a cost-effective manner. Induction videos also enable your new employees to understand how your workplace works much quicker than them having to read lengthy employment handbooks such as health and safety legislation and office rules documents.

Also, an induction video can give a new recruit an overview of the company both in terms of the company structure (a message from the CEO) and geographical location (shots of the company’s HQ).

5. Use Video for Greater Brand Understanding

If you want your company to really succeed in the marketplace it’s essential to have employees with a crystal clear understanding of your company’s brand. Surprisingly, a lot of companies struggle to create this brand understanding in their staff. As a recent survey found out that ‘out of 3,000 employees only 41 percent said they knew what their brand was or how it was different to their competitor’s brands.’  

You could use video in a number of different ways to tackle this problem. For example, a series of interview led videos with leading figures in your business explaining the company brand, a series of entertaining videos that inform your staff about the brand in a fun way or interview led videos with customers detailing how they understand your brand and how the work you do mirrors your brand values.

We produced of series of interview driven videos with Willmot Dixon’s customers and employees discussing how the different aims of Willmott Dixon’s ‘Building for Better’ brand are being achieved in projects. These videos were really well received by Willmott Dixon’s large employee base and videos like these enable your employees to become company advocates who can really sell your business through simple word of mouth.

See what Willmott Dixon thinks of working with us in this video…

Feature Films & Videos for business

We know that one of the things that sets us apart from other video marketing companies is that as well as our work with brands and organisations we also work on feature films.  Our clients are always interested in what we’ve been up to.

In addition to a number of different corporate projects in the last month from Christmas video campaigns for use across social media marketing channels through to an internal comms campaign we are also working on a feature film!

The team at Ark Media have started editing the first set of rushes for 104 Films new feature, The Marker, which will be finished this summer. The Marker will have a cinema release and also be made available on DVD and streaming platforms such as Netflix.

The Marker is an exciting supernatural thriller made by an award-winning team with a track record in producing high quality UK independent films such as BAFTA nominee Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll starring Ray Winstone and BAFTA winner The Acid House written by Irvine Welsh of TRAINSPOTTING fame.

The Marker cast list boasts Hollywood star John Hannah, up and coming stars Frederick Schmidt who has appeared alongside Jack O’Connell in Starred Up and Ana Ularu, a very popular Romanian Actress who has starred in Serena alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.