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Video or podcast? What is better? What will suit your audience more? In this week’s episode of The Video Marketing Show, Graham and Phil give their opinions on podcasts and video and what they believe works better.

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Welcome to The Ark Media Video Marketing Show.

Hi and welcome to The Video Marketing Show, my names Graham Allsopp,

And I’m Phil Arkintall.

So today we’re going to talk about the difference between consuming content on a podcast and consuming content on a video. So, let’s start off with which one you prefer?

Well obviously, I work in the video industry so it’s a bit of a clear. Yeah, it’s obviously a podcast, no, I think they have a different place but video for me has always been a powerful tool, going back to when I was young this is why I got into video, I think something like Jurassic Park inspired me because of the scope and scale of the dinosaurs, all that sort of stuff. So visually seeing things is massively important to me, I’m a visual learner I find it really really useful, however, about four or  five years ago I started consuming audiobooks, in the car, on the beach, just around the house with my headphones in and I actually find that a really great way of learning as well. So, I’m not fully reliant on having to sit and watch a video, so I think the answer is my first love is video, but actually there’s a place for both. So what about yourself?

Yeah, I agree to be honest, I like reading a book, but I’m slightly dyslexic so it takes me like three times as long to finish a book than it does a normal human being, so I think that’s where the key for audio books and podcasts come in for me is you can if you’re just on a bus or walking and stuff you can just pop them in, but I find I tend to drift, and I can hear it going in, but then I just kind of, I just miss bits. You know when you’re reading a book, and you’re kind of like did I read that chapter? But I never get that with video, and I think it’s just as you got two senses of information haven’t you, you’ve got audio and picture and for me they’re the most powerful, those together. But as modern society has moved, and everyone is in a rush, everyone’s always on the go, I think that’s where podcasts have, and audiobooks sells.

And I think podcasts at the moment are booming, I mean podcasting has become a massive industry in its own right and I think that’s only going to keep expanding, because of some of the things you were saying. Being able to consume things on your phone, you know, when you’re on a train, when you’re on a bus, you can’t do that with video in quite the same way. Also, the file sizes, that’s quite an important factor, yeah, data consumption. If you’re on a train and you’re trying to watch a film that is 3Gb, you could probably download, I don’t know, five books for 3Gb worth of data. So, it is really very useful, and it’s just, I think for me with reading, my biggest problem is if I try to read in the hours of the day perhaps when you’re a bit more relaxed, I tend to fall asleep, and it’s being very honest.

Thanks for your honesty

Yeah, yeah, but you know I think what I found really useful is having it in your ear it just gives you that extra incentive to stay awake if someone is talking to you.

What kind of things are you listening to and reading? Is it like informative like self-development books, or is it like a story?

No, I’m very much into personal development so it’s very much personal development books. 

You’d prefer to listen to personal development then watch a film.

Yeah, I think that’s fair I don’t particularly consume audio books that are actual novels, if I’m honest I don’t think I’ve ever tried to do that, so I think will try actually after todays discussion. But I just think as a learning tool, they are very powerful, but I think also what’s started to change now is you can develop experts in certain fields, that become the expert in their field, which obviously if you’re in the business market, you can increase your profile you can become a minor celebrity, in a very niche area, you know, you don’t have the constraints of having like what we’ve got here, three cameras, lighting, microphones, you literally have, you can do it on your iPhone with a microphone, you can do it on a little audio recorder. So, the actual entry level and the barriers to entry are not quite as extreme as they are with video, but again maybe there’s a market for actually a hybrid of the two. Now what we’re doing with The Video Marketing Show, is we actually turn these into podcast episodes as well, so you may be listening to this as a podcast. 

If you’re listening to it check it out.

So, you can see us in our live form, or you can just listen to us. The content is going to be the same, but actually when you have the visual version, perhaps there’s an extra layer. We’re a video production company, so we talk a lot about our work, our content that we have produced for our clients, so if you’re watching the video version of this, we might cut away to some of our work, or something that really adds that extra layer of depth of knowledge, that you can’t just get in the auditory world. So, in the podcast world, you probably have to explain things in a little more detail, and I’ve had that happen on a few audiobooks where they’re talking and referencing, go to figure four on the website, because you haven’t got it in the book. So, there are some failings to it, but it’s very much just trying to work out if you’re operating as a business, where are your audience hanging around? Are they listening to content or are they looking for videos, and that really should dictate where your audience are?

 I think as you said a minute ago, it’s almost like creating content because your audience is going to be split, they’re always going to be split aren’t they. You’re going to have people that are going to enjoy sitting down watching half hour of two people talking about an industry that they’re enjoying, or you’re going to have people that don’t have the time that want to sit on a train or walk and just listen to it. Again as you said, it’s making the most of the content that you can get


 You know that for me is the easiest way

Definitely, and again, that does go back to the discussion video versus the podcast. You know, in a book or an audio book, you would have to write a whole page of prose to sort of say what they’re wearing, what the weather is like, you only need one image as a video, you know, you see the person straight away, you know what they look like, you know what sort of person they may well be, you know what environment they’re in. So, a picture speaks a thousand words but like I say it all comes back down to how people need to consume your content and how it works best for them.

 One hundred percent agree, it all comes down to meeting the needs of your audience isn’t it really? Everyone’s going to have personal preferences, everyone has their own life.

So actually, there’s an argument to say people who don’t want their image to be shown on screen a podcast or an audio recording

 It’s funny, it’s just one little story, I remember I was interviewing one lady, and I always say to people have you done this kind of thing before, because then you know where the expectation lies. She said yeah I’ve done it once before, but the video production company last time they only used my face for like ten seconds and they just cut to my voice the whole way through.

Yeah, yeah

 So then you automatically know that maybe they want a bit more air time of them being on camera.

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah definitely. But yeah as I say it’s very much down to focus on who your audience is and how you best get to them, if they’re going to be listening in the car on their way to work, then do a podcast. If they’re happy to watch a five to twenty-minute video on any of the social platforms or on a presentation, then video is a good way to go.

 Yeah, I agree.

Brilliant. So, thanks for joining is today and there are plenty more episodes available on our Video Marketing Show, so please join us for another episode soon.



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