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In this week’s episode of The Video Marketing Show, join Beth, our Marketing Executive, as she talks about different ways you can use the content in your video, from still images to blog posts, she covers all the ways that she squeezes the most out of one video.

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Welcome to The Ark Media Video Marketing Show.

Hi, I’m Beth and today I’m going to be talking about how you can multi-purpose your videos to create blogs and podcasts.

As Ark Media’s Digital marketer, I’m always looking for new content ideas to put out on our social media or website and obviously being a video production company, my first thought is always video. However, I then go on to think about what else can I create from that one video, how can I multipurpose that one piece of content to help me out in the future, but also to reach a broader audience.

To begin with there are loads of different types of video that you can use and also multipurpose that content that’s within the video. So for example, if your video is an explainer video, explaining what it is your company does or perhaps a more complicated product that your company  sells, you can take the audio from that video and create a podcast, that something that we are doing with the video marketing show all of the audio from the videos and is being used to create individual podcast episodes. A lot of people forget about how different people take in information so for example I’m very visual learner so I can watch a video and I can take that information in whereas other people they learn best through listening so that’s where we are branching out even further to reach even more audiences and educate them further both in Ark Media as a brand but also within video marketing and video production. It’s also interesting that one in eight people now listen to podcasts I’m personally I’m not one of those people I find podcasts hard to focus on because I’ve got nothing there to look at but my point here is that if you can cater to your audience needs in different styles just from one piece of content increasing that reach an increase in that brand awareness from the brands point of view it is what you want. Another example of how you could take the voice over from a video and turn it into a podcast is from training videos, again go back to learning styles it is thought that 30% of the UK population are auditory learners. So, if you have a training video, it is likely that someone who is watching the video, is going to find it hard to take in that information. Turning that audio into a podcast, could be really beneficial, but also save you as a company valuable time because that person is going to take in that information quicker and benefit from it sooner.

Another way that I multipurpose the content from video, is to create blog posts to go alongside the video again go back to the different types of learning styles some people learn best reading and writing so having a blog post to go alongside the video really helps again broaden our audience and reach more people. Sometimes the blog post might even just a transcript of the video, so what the person is saying in the video is just written down, but again it’s another form of content that I use for Ark media digital marketing, and it is also something again that we are doing with The Video Marketing, each video has a transcript and a select few have a blog on our website to go alongside them.

So once your video is complete if we have shot in 4K the picture quality is really good so this means that we can take still images from the video and you can use them as posters you can use them on your social media just as photos to put out there for example we use a lot of behind the scenes photos on our social media and these are taken from the footage that we shot throughout the day. Also, the photos are really high quality from a 4k camera, so if you want your brand or company to look really sleek and professional, you can get some really good high-quality images out of the video. What you will also find with photos from a shoot, is that they are really natural, no one is posing or looking awkward, they are natural and create a more realistic, humanised image. Now personally I prefer to see brand and companies with humans working for them, if that makes sense, I like to see the natural candid shots of people working at that company, it just gives it a more realistic image. Also, with the images that you can get from a shoot, you can take these away and create gifs or add them into presentations or even create info graphics for future content.

The final point that I will make about multipurpose a video is the use of b-roll. B-roll is basically footage that we can cut to within the main footage. So, for example, if someone is talking about a construction site, we can get footage from around the construction site to then cut to whilst they are talking, it helps to keep the audience engaged but also helps them to have a better understanding of what is happening. With b-roll you can use this to create short videos for social media, it’s said that 33% of viewers will stop watching a video after 30 seconds, 45% by one minute, and 60% by two minutes. So, you want those first few seconds to really capture the attention of the viewer and draw them in straight from the off.

Just one more statistic for you, social video gets shared 1200% more than text and images combined. So, if you’re not using video on your social channels you really are missing a trick. B-roll is really good just to draw those people in and get them onto your landing or wherever it is that you want them to go or do. It’s something that we are also doing with the Video Marketing Show, creating short videos of each episode to go out almost as teasers on our social channels to then draw people back to our YouTube channel or podcast to watch or listen to the full episode.

So just recap, ways that you can multipurpose your video,

  • Take the audio and create a podcast, really simple and you’re able to reach a much broader audience
  • Blog posts to go alongside your video, again your adjusting to suit more people and also blog posts can go into a lot more detail than a video if needs be
  • High quality natural looking photos, you can use these out on social on your website, or posters anything
  • Finally, the use of b-roll really good for short social media videos to capture the attention within seconds and draw people in.

The Ark Media Video Marketing Show, bringing you powerful video marketing strategies that truly make an impact.