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In this week’s episode of The Video Marketing Show, Ark Media’s Head of Marketing, Judith Hutchinson, gives hints and tips on how you can persuade your senior team members to use video and the benefits that it can have to your marketing.

You can watch the full episode via the link above or listen to the podcast version below.


Welcome to The Ark Media Video Marketing Show.

Hi, I’m Judith, welcome to The Video Marketing Show, and today we’re going to be talking about how you can persuade your senior team to invest in video marketing.

So, it obviously depends on what type of organisation you’re in, and how you want to use video marketing. It might be that you have to put a written business case together, it might be that you can pitch an idea verbally to your senior team, but either way, whether you are using or you want to use video for internal comms, or external communications, I think there are three key areas that you can focus on in your pitch.

So, without further ado, the first part of your business case, should be where you start with your clients, so talk about how your clients consume content whether that be on certain social platforms, on television, online ads, maybe your staff attend in-house meetings or receive e-newsletters or an intranet. Think about how your target audience consume your content, and also talk about video marketing stats, because this will help to reinforce your business case. So, for example, seventy-nine percent of people would rather watch a video than read text, if you’re looking to externally communicate with your marketing efforts, then YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Ninety percent of customers say that video helps them to make buying decisions, and fifty-four percent of employees expect to see videos in the workplace. You can also talk about the engagement levels on social if that is where your target audience are, you can be looking upwards of five times engagement levels with video and it might also be useful to talk about how people are spending their time on the internet, so, on average, in twenty nineteen, the average user spent six hours and forty-eight minutes watching videos online, and that was predicted to increase. In twenty twenty-two, it’s predicted that eighty two percent of global internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloads, so watching videos online, on your phone, is just becoming how we consume content. It’s also worth mentioning that for B2B marketers I know there’s an argument for human to human, but for B2B marketers, a stat that you would might like to use is that over seventy five percent of Fortune five hundred execs watch online videos, and sixty-five percent of senior execs have visited a vendors website after watching a video. So hopefully, there are a few stats there to whet their appetite, and you can easily find other video marketing stats online too.

The second thing I think you need to talk about in your pitch or in your business case to persuade your senior team to invest is how video will fit with your objectives, so whether that’s you’re wanting consistency of message, or whether you’re wanting to generate more leads, or to increase engagement rates, obviously that will depend on your organisation, but make sure that your business case is talking about the overall objectives of your organisation, and how video marketing will help you to achieve those objectives.

And then the third area I think that you should include in your pitch is the ROI that video brings, so whether you are using video for internal comms or external comms there is still ROI to be had. In terms of internal comms, it can save you on costs, well it can with external comms as well because for example, if you’re putting how to videos out there that reduce the number of calls that you’re going to get into a call centre then it’s a way of saving costs with external communications. I was thinking more in terms of your saving costs in terms of time and money, for example, we did some induction videos for a client, and that meant that staff didn’t have to travel from other offices, to induct new recruits, so that was a saving in terms of the time that staff members were spending and also saving on costs in terms of travel. The ROI as well in terms of internal communications is the consistency in message that it gives. So rather than several different members of staff communicating what they think is the same message to lots of different people, you’ve got one way, your MD for example, or Chief Exec, or whoever, communicating a message on video, possibly using animation to bring that to life, and that kind of a thing. You’ve got that consistency of message, there’s no way that that message can be misconstrued. In terms of external comms, the ROI can be in terms of lead generation so for example, video marketers say that they get on average sixty-six more qualified leads per year with video marketing. You can obviously relate it back to revenue, if you’re already recording your conversion rate, then you can give an estimate what your sales revenue would be as a result of a video campaign, and you can also talk about your engagement rates on social, the fact that a video campaign, it doesn’t have to be one video, one video can be edited for use across different social channels, it can be recycled in different ways, so if your listening to this on the podcast, for example you can also watch it on YouTube, you can recycle your content but we can also edit your videos down so that you have shorter versions for social or longer versions for social.

So those are the three key areas I think you need to use in either a written business case or a verbal pitch. So, just to recap, start with your clients, and how they consume content, talking about video marketing stats. Number two, looking at how video fits with your overall marketing objectives and your overall business objectives. And number three, the ROI that video will bring to your organisation. If you’re not sure or you’re struggling then by all means get in touch with us we offer video marketing strategy sessions, and I would be more than happy to get my mitts on your video marketing outputs. Thank you very much for listening and take care.

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