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With over 20 years of experience in the industry we produce video content for businesses, brands and agencies that is ultimately about raising profile and growing.


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6th Apr
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11 Types of Videos Businesses Can use for Internal Communications

Video can provide a number of key benefits to organisations. Those who receive internal communications via a video are more likely to absorb the information. According to;   69% of Internal Communication pros are using video to engage employees and 41% plan to increase its usage.   Video can help put faces to names, […]

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31st Mar

Changes to business during Covid-19

We hope you and your loved ones are keeping healthy.  In these uncertain times, we wanted to bring you a little bit of certainty about how we are working and how Ark Media can help you. The impact on our customers We are very much still open for business: Client meetings are taking place albeit […]

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13th Mar
How can video help your business fight the coronavirus

How video can help businesses in the fight against coronavirus?

The news is changing on a daily basis with regards to COVID-19. It’s affecting our video production clients in different ways depending on their business. We thought it would be useful to outline some of the ways video and animation can help businesses to deal with the disruption: Using Video for Important Internal Messages Many […]

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10th Mar
Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 17.29.45

What are interactive videos & how can I use them?

Interactive video means the viewer has control over the story, they choose what happens throughout the video, leading to an ending that they have chosen. Interactive videos are not only a great way to capture attention, but also to keep it.   The viewer can pick the route of their own story, they will only pick […]

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3rd Mar

Do I need subtitles for my social media videos?

By 2022 it is predicted that 82% of all consumer internet traffic will come from online videos. It is also predicted that the number of monthly active social network users will reach 42.88 million in the UK alone. Therefore, creating a video that has the potential to reach that many people is a no brainer, […]

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29th Jan
arkmedia_icon set-23

What is a Video Strategy Workshop? Sign up for your FREE session! (limited time only)

A video strategy workshop will help you to explore how your organisation can be using video for either external or internal communications.  After a workshop, your team will feel inspired by what’s possible with video and how it can help you to do one or more of the following Sell more Reduce costs Get your […]

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17th Jan
Screenshot 2020-01-20 at 10.28.05

Does the language used in the film industry leave you scratching your head?

As a video production company, the team at Ark Media tries to talk your language. Within the film industry though there are some technical references and language that we can’t get away from. We have created a list of words and phrases that we commonly get asked: Video terms used in the Film industry 2D […]

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21st Nov

Ark Advent Calendar – Get yours!

We’re celebrating the first 12 days of December.  From the 1st to the 12th December you will receive a short video from a member of the Ark team (and their elves) which includes video advice, offers or inspiration.   Sign up here to get yours:   * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name

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15th Oct
Screenshot 2019-10-14 at 13.36.29

Can you compete with the big retailer’s big budget Christmas ads?  We think so!

The pitter-patter of Santa and his reindeer on the roof is just around the corner.  And if you’re anything like us you will be eagerly anticipating the Christmas ads that the big retail brands will be soon releasing (that and the copious amount of liquor chocolates and turkey curry you will no doubt consume too […]

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1st Oct

Our new feature film: Stalked

Back in August, our feature film, Stalked premiered in cinemas in Leicester Square. A few of our team members that worked on creating the film attended the event. The action-packed thriller focuses on a young female, Rebecca, being haunted by an invisible force. She is joined by others who are being kept hostage by the […]

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