By 2022 it is predicted that 82% of all consumer internet traffic will come from online videos. It is also predicted that the number of monthly active social network users will reach 42.88 million in the UK alone. Therefore, creating a video that has the potential to reach that many people is a no brainer, right?


A question we get asked a lot here at Ark is, do I need to subtitle my social media posts? The simple answer, yes. Imagine yourself watching a video on Facebook, or LinkedIn, how often do you open that video to hear the sound? From my personal experience, it’s hardly ever. According to Social Media Today, ‘85% of [Facebook] users prefer to watch videos on the platform without sound.’


People watch without sound (especially in public)


Therefore, with this many people watching videos without sound, subtitling could have a real effect on how successful they are. Research has shown that videos with subtitles, on average, were watched 91% to completion, compare this to the 66% without subtitles, it’s a big leap. Using video on your social channels helps attract attention, add subtitles and this increases engagement. Subtitles actually let viewers know what the video is about, a viewer without headphones on a public bus or open office, gets to watch your video and understands what is happening.


Talk their language


Additionally, not everyone may speak your language, take your target audience into account and create subtitles that benefit them. It will also mean your video has more impact.


If you really don’t like subtitles


If you are really dead against having subtitles (our editor, Joe, can’t stand them) there are ways around it. For example, you could have on-screen graphics that enable you to get the message out with visuals that support without the need for sound.  Overall though we find our clients are getting much better reach and engagement with subtitles.


What are your experiences – do you subtitle your social media posts?