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Is that Phil?

Yeah, I’ve got a text from Phil. ‘Hi Graham, we have a challenge today. I want you and Dan to make your way to Sutton Park and begin to create a short promotional video for the park. I’ll send you three more challenges whilst you’re there’.

He’s also put, ‘forgot to add, you’ve only got one hour. Good luck’. I think we’d better get a move on.

So, we’ve just got to Sutton Park, luckily, it’s a really really nice day today. I thought, we haven’t actually got our three challenges yet, just got our overall challenge to create the promo for Sutton Park. So, I thought we’d take this opportunity, it’s quite a nice quiet area, so we will get the drone up and get some really nice aerial shots of Sutton Park, just to really set the scene and show how big it is.

So, we’re going to go up to about 80 meters, just so we can get a nice establishing shot.

I think what we’re going to do now is change the gear around, get the gimbal on so that we can be a lot more nimble and be ready in time for the next shots.

Okay, so just got another text from Phil, this is our first challenge, and he has said ‘you need to get some shots of wildlife’

Have a look

Look at this

Graham has got the gimbal out now because we want to try and add a little bit of motion to the shot, and I don’t think these guys are going to do it for us if I’m honest. We’re going to set the camera on variable frame rate as well, shooting in sixty frames per second, just to make sure we have some nice cinematic shots.

I think we’re going to throw the drone up one more time here and just try and get an aerial shot of the cows, and then I think we’ve got as many shots of cows as we can probably get.

I think we’ve probably got about ten minutes left before we get our next text so we’re going to take all the kit with us just in case we need to change lenses.

So, it’s twenty past three now and we’ve just had our second text challenge from Phil, this one simply says, ‘get shots of water’. So, luckily, I know of this lake here, in Sutton Park, I also know of some nice streams and some nice places we can go get some shots as well. Have you got any ideas of what we can do to make this creative?

Well, I think a really nice thing to do would be a lot of reveals because it adds a lot of drama to your shots. So, we’ve got a bench over here, some bushes, some nice trees that we can do reveals from. It’s a good way of making very normal objects add a good dramatic element to your scene.

We’re almost out of time on our second challenge, but there’s a little stream down here that I really want to get some nice gimbal shots of. Fingers crossed, we’ve got about five minutes, I’m just hoping we can make it in time.

We can do it

We’ve just had our third challenge sent from Phil and he wants us to get some best shots of trees that we possibly can and luckily we’re in a pretty good area for trees, so let’s give it a go.

If we get it really low, and give it almost like an Archie effect

Pretty good there, Archie

Archie, he’s the camera man by the way. Big shout out to Archie

So we’ve literally just got back to the car, with about five minutes to spare. That was actually quite challenging wasn’t it

It was a good challenge to be fair

I think it was more of the time and the distance you’ve got to travel to get your shots, but I’m quietly confident that we’ve got what we need

Yeah, we’ve got some good stuff, but we’ll find out in the edit I suppose.