Episode Description:

Season two of The Video Marketing Show kicks off with Phil, our MD who is joined by Pete Morgan from Monkey Pants Productions. In this episode they discuss:

  • The benefits of podcasting
  • What industries are adopting podcasting
  • Does video have a place with podcasting

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Welcome to The Video Marketing Show, I’m Phil Arkinstall and today I’ve got a special guest, Pete Morgan from Monkey Pants Productions. So, Pete could you just tell us a bit about yourself.

For thirty years I was a full-time radio presenter and producer and then in 2017 I decided to leave radio behind and fully commit myself to the company and help businesses get into podcasting.  

So, what’s the benefits of a podcast?

The benefit of a podcast, from my point of view is it’s your chance to reaffirm your expertise, and what I love about audio and podcasting is this relationship, this connection that you make with the listener. Because with podcasting it’s very much a one on one, most of the time, majority of the time, ninety-nine percent of the time, you’re just talking to one person, and that is an incredibly powerful tool for communicating who you are, what your business does and the benefits of your business, without making it a sales pitch.  

No, that’s really good and I think, obviously with a video production hat on, do you see the benefits of video and perhaps linking that with podcasting?

Absolutely, I tell all my clients there is absolutely a visual side to making a successful podcast. If you look at one of the biggest podcasts, not on of, the biggest podcast in the world, which is the Joe Rogan show, which has been bought by Spotify. He had a huge following, if not just as big a following on YouTube as he did for his podcast, so, there is absolutely a place for it depending on how you feel about being in front of a camera, and what your budget is as well.

What are you finding then in terms of the industries out there in the business world, like who’s adopting podcasting and what areas haven’t quite got in there or they’re perhaps on the cusp, or a newcomer into the marketplace?

What I’m finding is that it’s lots of SMES that are going for it, a lot of self-starters particularly during the pandemic as well and the lockdown. A lot of people have gone ‘right I’ve started this business, I’m going to start a podcast, as kind of a companion piece to go with it as well.’

So, are you finding much crossover with any of those clients where they’re using video and podcasting? Or are you finding that, perhaps, one area goes for video and one area is more focused around spoken word.

I think before the pandemic there was a definite split, that you were either podcasting or video, but what has happened since the pandemic, is that people have been doing both. This is the thing, YouTube is the third biggest way that people are finding podcasts. YouTube is becoming a bigger and bigger player in the podcasting market and it, there’s no way you can ignore it anymore. 

So, I think just to close off Pete, could you give us your sort of, top three tips for anyone who is thinking about setting up a podcast.

The first one is plan, but don’t plan to much, know what your title it going to be, know what the format is going to be and then just start. The second one is invest in a microphone, because it’s the biggest and best investment you’re going to make. And the final tip is, social media is your friend when it comes to marketing it. A successful podcast is one that is listened to outside of your network. Not, all of your connections on LiknedIn saying they like it.

 That’s brilliant, thanks very much Pete, that’s really insightful, and its always great to talk to you and thank you very much for joining us.

No, thanks very much for inviting us Phil.  

Thank you for joining The Video Marketing Show today, if you like this episode, there are further episodes available on our website and on YouTube so please have a look and look forward to seeing you next time.

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