Episode Description

In this week’s episode of The Video Marketing Show, Ark Media’s Head of Production, Graham Allsopp, gives his three top tips as to why you should be using video testimonials in your video plans. Watch the full episode via the link above.


Hi, I’m Graham from Ark Media and today I wanted to shed some light on why you should be using video testimonials. Here are my top three tips as to why video testimonials work really well.

Number one, they provide social proof. You can have a real-life person, telling your audience about their experience with your product or service. It creates trust and remember that people buy from people.

Number two, video gets shared. Across all social media channels, video gets shares 1200% more than images and text alone. That’s a lot of people you can get in front of, very easily! A Google review will work fine, but it’s not going to be shared as much as a video.

And finally, video helps people to make purchase decisions. 73% of people have said that they have purchased from a brand after watching their video. Having real life people talk about your brand helps to build emotional connections with your audience, they build trust resulting in higher sales.

These are my top three tips for why video testimonials really work. If you have clients that have given fantastic feedback, we can help capture their thoughts on camera, just email us [email protected] or visit our website to find out more