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Are you wondering how you can look your best on camera? Join Graham on this week’s episode of The Video Marketing Show as he gives you his 3 top tips – 1. Be energetic, 2. Film in good lighting and 3. Use a tripod!

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Hi my names Graham from Ark Media, and today I’m going to be giving my top 3 tips of how to look good on camera, pretty rich coming from me, I know. Tip number one be energetic, the more enthusiasm you put into it the more your audience will be engaged. Number two always film in good lighting. Too bright and you’ll look like a ghost, too dark and we won’t see you! It’s best to position yourself by a window, that way you can use natural light to light up your face. Tip number three, always use a tripod, set it up so that the camera is in line with your eyesight. Too high and you’ll look tiny, too low and you’ll look enormous. Using a tripod to steady your shot will allow you to focus more on what you’re saying rather than holding a camera steady.

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