Episode Description 

Has your business struggled with communication during the pandemic? Do you need to communicate messages to a great scope of people both efficiently and effectively? In this episode of The Video Marketing Show Judith and Louise share with you how video could help your business share information quickly and dynamically.


Judith – Hi everybody welcome to this episode of The Video Marketing Show, I’m Judith Hutchinson from Ark Media and today I’m joined by Louise Roden Communications Manager from Willmott Dixon. Louise is also a distant relative of Ozzy Osbourne. So today we’re going to talk all things internal communications and video. So Louise welcome, can you tell us how Willmott Dixon communicates internally please?


Louise – So being a construction business just by the nature of what we do our people are geographically quite dispersed, some working on construction sites and other people in offices. So we use a variety of internal comms channels to ensure we share our stories and messages in a multitude of ways, that A. reach the people we need to reach and B. communicate messages in ways that match peoples learning styles.


Judith – And you’ve obviously been using video, can you tell us about how it’s helped as part of your internal comms?


Louise – So particularly during the pandemic, we’ve been able to capture briefings and updates for our people from our leaders in a more personable way, giving people that visual element that we’ve all been missing out on really and helping people to connect back to the business and that bigger whole that they’re part of. We also find that video is quite a fast and dynamic way of sharing information, particularly with the service we’ve been utilising from Ark over the last 12 months regarding the editing service. I can shoot content on Teams or Zoom and then Ark edit it for us and that enables us to respond quickly. We also use video to share some of our stories from sites and projects to share what our people are doing, what’s unique and to promote the schemes that we’re developing for our customers.


Judith – What would you say has been the biggest challenge for you as an IC professional within the pandemic?


Louise – I’d say the biggest challenge that we’ve had over the past year from an internal comms perspective is communicating with our people who are two hours, three hours away and enabling them to feel connected to the business as a whole, and making sure our leaderships stay visible to our people.


Judith – So in terms of the next 12 months, taking into account what’s happened with the pandemic, what do you see as the biggest challenges for an IC professional in the next 12 months?


Louise – Our biggest challenge I think as internal comms professionals is adapting to the change and blend of workplace dynamic, a lot of people have now signed up to homeworking policies. I think it’s about ensuring that connections stay in place regardless of where people are.


Judith – And in terms of video what types of video work well for you?


Louise – I think it’s about looking at what you’re trying to achieve, the purpose and fixing the type of video you’d pick to that need. If we do an event we find that a highlights reel works particularly well, if we’re doing a virtual celebration I think animation adds an element of fun and entertainment. I wouldn’t say one size fits all it’s about really nailing down what you’re trying to achieve.


Judith – And since you’ve started to use video as part of your internal comms channels, how would you say things have changed?


Louise – Regarding our people, our happy scores last year were actually the highest in the country for Willmott Dixon and I think a lot of that is owing down to video and just ensuring that we can connect with our people quickly. I think the other benefit we’ve found is that we can benchmark what videos seem to do well and what don’t, so we’ve been looking at our hit rates on some of our social content to see how videos are performing against others.


Judith – So Louise given that there’ll be other IC professionals watching these videos what would be your top three tips for them?


Louise – The first one would be really defining your purpose and your method for internal audience and understanding who it is you’re trying to talk to. The other tip is putting time into creating the brief and ensure that everyone who’s taking part in the filming really tries to understand what you’re trying to achieve. That leads into my third point about the people that are taking part in the filming, ensure they understand their voice, spend a little bit more time with them coaching them and helping them understand what you need them to say, how they need to say it to ensure that it comes across authentic. I think it enables you to cater for people who are visual learners as well as people who digest information by text. It gives you another tool in your tool box really.


Judith – Thanks so much for appearing in this episode Louise, thanks for watching everybody, if you’d like to subscribe to the YouTube channel we’re @arkmediaproductions and we’ll see you in the next episode.