Episode Description 

How do you maintain your audience’s attention from start to finish? What are some of the methods you could use to boost their engagement? Join Phil on this week’s episode of The Video Marketing Show where he shares the best ways to keep your audience engaged. You can watch the full episode via the link above


Hi, I’m Phil from Ark Media, today I’m going to answer the question how engaged is your audience? First thing you need to think about it is your audience retention. You need to try and keep this as close to one hundred percent as you possibly can as this means that people are watching your videos all the way to the end. How do you do that? First off, something that you probably already know, but you will need to grab their attention from the very start. It is said that we have a maximum of eight seconds to grab someone’s attention, it’s even smaller on platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok. Give them a statistic or a question that you’re going to answer, give them a reason to stay. Next add in some b-roll, this is footage that isn’t just you talking to the camera, this keeps the video interesting throughout, rather than just watching the same person talking or the same clip. Have you ever considered a co-host or guest? Add in other people’s opinions and bounce off one another to create conversation that really helps to engage with people. And finally keep you content concise; answer the question your audience needs in just a few minutes, be informative and cut out any irrelevant information.

So just to recap grab their attention with stats and questions, add in some b-roll and finally be concise. For more information have a look at our website about our work at Bye for now.