Episode Description 

In the weeks episode of The Video Marketing Show, join Ark Media’s Head of Marketing, Judith Hutchinson, as she talks about how video can help to keep your employees engaged. It is said that we retain 95% more information from a video compared to text and that 54% of employees now expect to see video in the workplace. Watch the full episode here to find out more.



Hi I’m Judith Hutchinson from Ark Media, so how can video help increase employee engagement?

54% of employees expect to see video in the workplace, so when you’re looking at internal comms channels, video is definitely something to consider. For larger or geographically diverse organisations, video is a great way to get a consistent message out to your workforce. Onboarding, training, education, seminars, a monthly update from the CEO or a thank you message to someone that has gone above and beyond.

Video helps to build trust as you can see and hear a real person, not only this but it is said that when we watch a video, we retain 95% of the information than when reading text. Your employees are not only more likely to be engaged with a video, but they are also more likely to retain the message as well.

Training videos can also be a big help here, staff don’t have to worry about travelling to different offices for training, the training can be brought to them. This also frees up their time and saves the business money.

Video is also a great opportunity for your employees to get more involved with your company and therefore more engaged. Get them to star in the video.

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