Branded Content

Grow your brand with emotive and engaging videos

Branded video content ensures you are really building trust and resonating on an emotional level with your audience.

The key is to keep it open and honest, yet subtle and grounded in the culture of your brand.

Whilst branded content is closely linked to promotional videos it’s less about the product or service you are offering and more about the emotional connection your brand has with your customers (and potential customers).  In fact, there’s a good chance your video content in this area would contain no call to actions at all.  It is literally about raising awareness, increasing your reach and building a relationship with your audience.  An emotive video can be a powerful tool in your marketing armoury and one you can use across your digital channels to help increase brand awareness, engagement and loyalty.

75% of executives told Forbes they watch work-related videos on 5 business websites at least once a week”

We’re proud to have 11 5-star reviews of our video production services.

The benefits of using  branded video content are huge… here are just a few

Branded content enables your audience to become your brand ambassadors, helping to spread the message for you.  By creating savvy films relevant to your brand and importantly your audience this is where you can really engage.


More organic

Branded content or native advertising has more of an organic feel and is reaching your audience in a more relevant way.



Branded content that is innovative and inevitably entertaining has the share-ability factor increasing your brand reach.


It’s what your customer wants

Consumers don’t want to be sold to.  Telling  a story will create a connection with people informing them in an entertaining and unique way.

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