Charity Videos 

A powerful way to emotionally connect with your audience and move them to donate, volunteer and understand your cause. 

how ark can help

Our charity videos enable not for profit organisations to beat fundraising targets, increase donations and recruit more volunteers.

We have worked with a number of not for profit clients to help them tell their stories.  Ensuring we are connecting them to their audience on an emotive level but with real meaning so as to encourage action.

Story telling is important with any sort of content marketing but it’s imperative within the not for profit sector.  Not only can it have direct financial results but if seeded well, can raise awareness of issues and causes to a wider audience.

We’re proud to have 11 5-star reviews of our video production services.

The benefits of charity videos are endless…but here are just a few



Your video could literally save lives, build better lives or help in numerous other ways by educating your audience on your issues and causes.


Increase understanding

Before they are moved to action people need to understand what you are about.  A video is a way of telling your story in an easy to understand format.


Increase fundraising and donations

By improving understanding and educating people in an entertaining and emotive manner you will move people to take action.

Did you know we offer a
credit based regular video package?