Interactive Video

Create interactive videos that you can get more involved in.

Interactive videos enable the audience to actually participate with your video, increasing engagement and thought process around the subject.  Interactive videos can include quizzes, clickable links, branches and much more.

Enable people to truly engage with your brand through interactive videos

Examples of how you could use an interactive video:


  • Hotspots: to encourage people to buy something or visit a particular landing page
  • Branches: people can choose how the story of the video develops (think along the lines of the film Bandersnatch and imagine this for your brand).  This could be useful for training, highlighting key messages or getting a consumer to make choices about a particular purchase choice.
  • Data inputs:  people can complete forms as part of the video, this can be useful for things like client onboarding, induction for new recruits and gaining new newsletter sign-ups.
  • Quizzes: these can be useful to check understanding as part of a training course or could be used externally to highlight which of your products is best for the consumer.



Interactive videos have a much higher engagement rate than static linear videos.  They can be used for internal or external audiences.



Viewers (or should we say participants) of interactive videos are more likely to remember the video and it’s message because they have had to interact instead of just being a passive viewer.



There are many different ways you can use interactive videos – hotspots, clickable links, branches, data input.  There are an array of ways you can choose to use interactive videos

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