Internal Communication

Videos – share vital messages in seconds and communicate in a more personal way.

93% of internal communication professionals believe video has become vital.  (Melcrum Study, 2011)

Using video enables internal communication teams to share vital messages in seconds and communicate in a more personal way than traditional methods.  Ultimately video can save time and money for organisations.

We have worked with organisations such as One Stop Convenience Stores, Willmott Dixon and Secure Trust Bank to produce video for their internal communication campaigns. These have included:

  • A series of interview led videos with leading figures in the business explaining the company brand. In addition, the company commissioned a series of entertaining videos that inform staff about the brand in a fun way were produced as well as interview led videos with customers detailing how they understand the brand and how the work done mirrors the brand values.
  • A series of maintenance training videos enabling staff to memorise information far better than written material.
  • Short event videos utilising employee interviews and videography of the event itself to showcase at the staff event and for use within induction materials and intranet site
  • Company induction videos which communicate information such as health and safety regulations, expectations, company overviews and brand values in an engaging manner.

Ark Media Productions use streaming software to monitor how your video is performing.  We can help you create fully interactive videos – using a mix of live action, animation and/or graphics – which will capture viewers’ attention and help get the message across in an interesting way. Videos can be hosted on your website and accessible via a staff login.

We’re proud to have 11 5-star reviews of our video production services.

The benefits of internal communications are endless…but here are just a few


Engaging content

People are more likely to engage with video rather than presentations, emails or long documents.


Speedy distribution

Video can be distributed quickly across various devices.


Saves time and money

Utilising video instead of seminars, workshops and presentations can ensure your staff save time, money and increase productivity.

Did you know we offer a
credit based regular video package?