Personalised Video

Introducing personalised videos…

Imagine receiving a personalised video especially for you. It grabs your attention immediately, it keeps you watching and the message gets across.  Now imagine all the ways you could use this for your customers.

Personalised videos can help you acquire new customers, keep the customers you already have and increase your upsell rate.

Personalised video is not just about the audio, it’s about the visual.  Data such as name, pictures, company page and website can be incorporated into a personalised video.  The Ark team are on hand to listen to what it is you want to achieve and can then make suggestions as to how your business can use personalisation in an innovative way to ensure your objectives are met.

Get your message across to your customers uniquely with personalised videos and see your sales and ROI increase.

Personalised video is at the forefront of video marketing technology and will leave your recipients really engaging and taking notice of what you have to say



gain your customers’ attention with content that matters to them


Increase loyalty

by building personal relationships that drive retention and satisfaction



boost acquisition and drive retention with profound customer interactions

Did you know we offer a
credit based regular video package?