Quick Edit Video Service

Do you have important content you need to communicate but can only record with your smartphone?

At the moment communicating with your staff and clients has never been so important.  To help we have introduced a quick edit video service which basically means you can record with your phone and we will make it look much more professional and engaging for the viewer. Here’s how it works:

The video above was recorded on Graham’s smartphone (no fancy cameras or lights) and edited by the Ark Media team. Here’s how it can work for you:

1. Video yourself with your smartphone

If you’re not sure about filming yourself with your smartphone you can find out more from our online training course.  Here are a few reasons people are wanting to use video to communicate at the moment:

  • A business leader wanting to push key messages out to staff teams.
  • The marketing manager who wants to use video to get a message out to customers about how the brand can help them at the moment.
  • An Internal Comms Manager who wants to utilise video from department heads as part of their comms mix
  • The Training Manager who wants to put together an online course to ensure staff can keep up to date with their skills and knowledge during this time.
  • Content Creators who want to use this time to really increase their output and awareness on YouTube and across their social channels.

2. Send us your recording and we can:

  • Edit to remove any bloopers and ensure a professional flow, look and feel to your video
  • Incorporate on-screen graphics to raise awareness of your key points
  • Add subtitles if required
  • Ensure you have a call to action
  • Basically make your video slicker, polished and professional to ensure it engages your target audience

Prices start at £99(+vat) for a 2-minute video

You can upload your footage here or if you have any queries or questions get in touch with Graham:  graham@arkmedia.co.uk

“I would definitely recommend Ark Media because they are really supportive of everything you do and they came up with some really good ideas”  Emma Neale, Birmingham City University