Children and adults alike enjoy storytelling but storytelling in marketing is by no means child’s play.  Whatever type of video marketing campaign you plan, without incorporating some of these storytelling principles your audience will not mentally and emotionally connect with your videos.

Tell your client’s story – not yours!

A lot of the information you see on a company’s website can be the company telling you how great they are, how many qualifications they have etc. This is all great in moderation but what’s a far better selling tool is having your customers shout about how your products or services have made their lives better!

Add conflict to their stories and how you were the resolution, the knight in shining armour, the pep talk master, the creative spark.

Kevin Spacey said at the Content Marketing World Event “The first most important element of great storytelling is conflict, conflict creates tension, tension keeps people engaged with your story”. You’re probably thinking “that sounds great Kevin but how I am going to create conflict in my Microsoft Excel Training Promo Video?!” Well, again delve into customer’s stories for inspiration and find the tension in them, here are some examples below with tension the Microsoft Excel person could work with….

A small business owner is losing lots of time and money because their organisation processes are out of control!
A single mother’s anxieties about filling out her annual tax returns is causing her to become distant from her children.
Then in your video marketing subtly show how your Microsoft Excel training services helped stop these conflicts and brought peace and harmony back into their lives. How much more engaging and glowing of your business is this more dramatic and customer centred video than you simply reeling off your skills or a company success story to camera? A lot! It may take more work but the payoffs will be bigger.

To summarise, if your product or service is too much the focus of the promo e.g. yourself bragging about your service or product, flatly listing its features, the storytelling falls flat. It becomes you forcing yourself onto people. By creating a great story where your service or product has transformed a customer’s negative story to a positive one, you enable your consumer to make a connection with the story. Once this connection is made your video marketing content, product or service is much more likely to be sold to the customer. Remember what the Great Nichola Sparks, writer of the Notebook, said ‘Every great love starts with a great story’.