Create Personalised Videos With Birmingham Video Production Company

Ark Media are the only Video Production company in Birmingham offering personalised video production, we are changing the way video marketing is done. In order to stand out from the crowd, your business needs to be one step ahead of the game. The growing world of online advertising is becoming more saturated, standing out from the crowd is becoming more difficult.

What can you say to your audience that is guaranteed to grab their attention?

Their name.

And the personal message doesn’t stop there. You can personalise your video according to gender, family members, hair colour… the possibilities are endless, it all depends on the type of data you have.

Everyone reacts to adverts in different ways, but seeing something personal to you really captures your attention. With the power of personalised videos, you can make your audience’s eyes spark and their ears perk.

What are personalised videos?

It is self-explanatory; your video marketing campaigns can target the audience with more precise attention-grabbing details.

How does personalised video work?

Personlised video uses personal names, details and dates to make the message more direct. It is an intelligent blend of video marketing, CRM data and modern technology.

It uses data from places such as your CRM system, social platforms or from a simple contact form on a website.   The videos can be personalised depending on the level of data you have.  For example, you could provide female customers with an animated video featuring a female lead character who has the same name as your customer. This video could be to encourage an upsell.

Personalised videos are great for both internal and external communications. Your business may use personalised videos for internal training videos, company announcements and much more. Alternatively, you can use personalised videos to target new prospects, advertise new products and raise profile of your brand.

Benefits of Investing in a Birmingham Video Production Company for Personalised Videos

Ark Media, a professional video production company based in Birmingham, are dedicated to going the extra mile when it comes to dedicated video content marketing and that’s why we’ve developed our new personalised video brand, Tibi Video) . Personalised videos help brands and businesses not only connect with their audience on a much more personal level, but it allows them to develop their existing customer’s relationships.

Step away from confusing online marketing and target your audience where it really matters. At Ark Media, we love video content because consumers love video content. The only problem is, there’s a ton of it; by the time you’ve read this sentence 30 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Thanks to today’s technology and our dedicated team of video producers, you can stand out with personalised video marketing.

Our video production managers have compiled a list of 6 of our favourite reasons as to why your business should invest in personalised video production in Birmingham.

Consumers want more relevancy

Delivering personalised videos means that you’re not simply throwing out video content and hoping that someone will respond, you’re creating targeted strategies for marketing that are based on real data. This allows you to more accurately predict what stage in the sales funnel that audience group is at, and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. This means that your video content is more relevant to your audience group, with their name, age relevant and content relevant.

Personalisation drives audience impulse and repeat purchases

Have you ever been looking at a website and been later reminded of their services?

No matter who you are targeting with your personalised videos, grabbing your audience’s attention is vital. If you remind your audience at the right time about the right content, they are more likely to convert and carry out the call to action.

Video marketing has more engagement as it is seen as ‘less annoying’

The constant slew of advertisements online today has made most consumers sick and tired of seeing the same old messages across websites and social media platforms. Personalised videos can break your customers out of their ” blindness” and force them to take notice of a message that has been customised to them. If your video marketing efforts are useful and relevant, then your audience will be far less likely to get annoyed or frustrated with your brand – leading to a better long-term relationship.

Personalised content allows you to connect with your audience in a more meaningful way. Some experts suggest that you should be able to claw get back around 84% of your targeted traffic this way. In other words, you can get better result for your money with personalised content.

Longer lasting relationships

That brings us on nicely to our next point, although this is those relationships with existing audience groups. Your personalised video marketing efforts can be targeted at a wide range of different audience groups. Targeting those existing relationships with personalised video content can help improve that existing relationship. It helps your audience feel like you care about them, as you have used their name and are targeting a relevant advert for them.

Personalised videos allows your business to stand out

As we mentioned above, because personalised videos are more relevant to the needs and goals of an audience group, they become more engaging compared to standard video content. This not only helps to promote a good image for your brand, but it can also mean that you’re more likely to stand out from other competitors in your industry that aren’t attempting the same strategies or messages.

No matter what industry you’re in, or what purpose your video marketing strategy has, you’re going to have competitors. Personalising this effort will help you to enhance brand recall, improve your brand image, and keep you in front of the audience that is most meaningful.

Improve Loyalty with Existing Audiences

If you are targeting personalised videos to an existing list of audiences, you can both improve the relationship and improve loyalty.

Your audience will feel more engaged with your brand if you are targeting them personally. This will not only make them feel more ‘loved’ as a customer, but it can help make them more loyal. They begin to ignore other forms of direct advertising form competitors as it is too generic and not very personal.

How Your Birmingham Video Production Company Can Help

Personalised videos are a powerful marketing tool that helps businesses cut their way through a cluttered online environment and connect with current and new audiences.

There are a few things to remember, personalised videos aren’t for everyone and the returns cannot be guaranteed. Your business should use personalised video as part of an integrated plan rather than as a stand-alone item, especially if you are targeting customer acquisition.