Video is how we consume content.
Personalised video is how we devour content.




sales uplift


higher conversion


higher retention


click through rate


brand recall

Why use a TibiVideo?

  • The stats on personalised video speak for themselves and will truly enable you to engage with your audience.
  • Wow your customers by delivering dynamic content including visual, audio text, numbers and any other element according to each and every customers data in real-time
  • Make your customers feel special. Make your organisation be the one communicating on a different level.
  • The platform is officially ISO 27001 certified, following the best practices to secure and protect business information ensuring client and customer data is kept secure.
  • TibiVideo is produced by Ark Media Productions an award-winning video production company with a pedigree of clients who testify to the talents of the Ark team.

How Does A TibiVideo work?

Video Creation

We will create the initial video. This could be real life action or animation. We could even utilise one of your existing videos.


You provide the data to be used. For example, you may like to utilise real time CRM data or information from public social profiles. You could also look at having a personalised video for a landing page. We can utilise a vast array of data including names, company, info about what they’ve bought, logos and we can even tailor the video to include audio files, tailored animation as well as text.


You have a cinematic quality video delivered on a mass scale to an individual customer.

How Are Businesses Using Tibi Videos?

Engage your customer across every touch point

How Are Businesses Using Tibi Videos?