The news is changing on a daily basis with regards to COVID-19. It’s affecting our video production clients in different ways depending on their business. We thought it would be useful to outline some of the ways video and animation can help businesses to deal with the disruption:

Using Video for Important Internal Messages

Many organisations are encouraging their staff to work from home. The beauty of the internet and the many tools and technologies available to businesses means remote working can help.  Remote working can maintain your productivity as well as keeping your workforce healthy.

Communicating properly to remote workers can sometimes be tricky.  Calling employees separately can be time-consuming. Similarly writing lengthy emails that may never be properly read can be detrimental.

75% of employees are more likely to watch a video than read text. (Source: Ragan)

Video can be useful to ensure the same consistent message gets out to everyone in an easily digestible way. There are a number of ways you can achieve this:

  • A recording of your MD giving a motivational message to the staff
  • A simple icon animation explaining your organisations approach to the virus
  • A 2D animation explaining key messages that you want to communicate to staff
  • An animation training video getting across how to do something so all staff are aware instead of attending in-house training sessions.

Using Video Instead of Events

If your event really must stop why not think about recording the content.  This can then be shared with the people who are booked to attend.  It could even be something you employ for future events as an added value option or even a saleable product for those people unable to attend in person.

Using Video to Live Stream Events

People who are booked and can’t attend because of COVID-19 can watch the live stream.  This ensures they are not missing out.  It also means your business is not missing out by having to provide big refunds or rearrange internal events.

If you would like to discuss how video production can help your business please get in touch.