Video Editing Birmingham

Looking for Video Marketing Birmingham? we operate in and around the Midlands. We are a trusted Video Production Company and have worked with such names as BBC, ITV and the Discovery Channel.

In the past video marketing was primarily restricted to television only, however now nearly everyone is using the internet on a daily basis and it’s available at any time in anyplace.

Each month Youtube has more than 1 billion unique views and over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month “that’s almost an hour for very person on earth”. Statistics taken from Youtube (
We can make sure your products and services come to life in a professional video, we can supply you with a short clip that could be used for an advert or a full length documentary.

If you would like to see some of our Video Marketing work then please click here or visit the showreel page which is located in the menu above. We work with our clients meticulously to get an understanding of how their business runs from day to day and what they expect to receive from having the video created.

So if you would like to know anymore about Video Marketing Birmingham please feel free to contact us today.

A short introduction title on video production for business
and how its an essential part of marketing in the digital age

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Our Video Production for business services

Take a look at some of our videos for businesses. A broad selection from
Animation to advertising, promotional to internal communications.