What is Interactive Video

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In this week’s episode of The Video Marketing Show, Ark Media’s Head of Marketing, Judith Hutchinson, talks you through what interactive is. Who knew that your viewer could control the path of a video, making their experience with your business or brand the most personable one yet!

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Hi everybody, it’s Judith Hutchinson here from Ark Media here to talk to you today about what interactive videos are and how they are going to change video marketing. So, I thought I would start by talking you through what interactive videos are, well basically they are videos where your audience can interact and get more involved. So there are different types of interactive videos, you can get those that have hotspots within them, which can encourage people to buy something, or visit a particular landing page, so these are particularly good for retailers for example, because you can have links to your product pages that will obviously lead people to buy. You can also get branch style interactive videos where people choose how the story develops, so if you think, if you’ve watched I think Bandersnatch which was on Netflix, and more recently Boss Baby two,  if you’ve watched those programmes, it’s that kind of style where you choose the story. Those sorts of interactive video or branch style interactive videos, I think can be really useful for highlighting key messages or getting consumers to make particular chooses about certain purchases, and they’re also really good, aside from marketing, they’re really good for training as well. So, there are a few examples of branch style videos, here is one, now if you are listening to the podcast you won’t be able to see this but if you are watching the video, here is an example that Deloittes produced.

So you can see in this video there are different choices you can make along the way, if you make the right choice then the video continues, if you make kind of the wrong choice if you like, then it rewinds and encourages you to choose again and it is all about making sure that you’re values align with Deloittes values, this is a really good example of how you can apply this to different things I suppose. There is another really good interactive video that I really like, it’s actually a music video, and they have obviously recorded the same boy in the story, and the viewer can choose to flick between his  and his dream, and this, you know,  shows him the dream is living in a fabulous mansion house with loads of really fit girls and the reality is him living in his normal house with his normal sister and life is just normal, but actually the story, the narrative of the story, both the reality and the dream both get to the same result. That’s quite a cool example of an interactive video. You can also get interactive videos where, people can complete forms as part of the video, so that can be useful for client onboarding, or maybe you’re inducting new members of staff, I also think you can use them for newsletter sign ups as well. Interactive videos can also include quizzes, so you can check understanding, it can be quite good in terms of gamifying videos for your audience, and maybe highlighting which products are best for your customers. There is a lot of BuzzFeed style quizzes for example on Facebook, that get a lot of eyeballs, but imagine if they were videos or had a video element to them, sort of combining the two, a quiz and a video, I think they would get a lot of traction.

So, they’re kind of a few different examples of what interactive videos are, how are they going to change video marketing? Well, I think this just sort of, to coin a phrase I suppose, turns video up to eleven. So, interactive videos are kind of the next step up. If you can get your audience interacting with your brand, then all the better.

So how are interactive videos going to change video marketing? Well, I think there is always going to be need for static videos, but what interactive videos do, is they enable your audience to interact more with your brand, ad from a brands point of view, that can only be a good thing. What interactive videos also enable you to do, is monitor where people are clicking within the video and what they’re doing as part of the video, so it almost enables you to analyse your videos even more and almost use them, not just as a promotional tool, but also as a piece of consumer research or consumer insight. I think the more the platforms change as well, at the moment you can use, for example, videos with hotspots you can use those on the social media platforms, and I think the more the platforms are developing, you will then be able to host branch style videos within the platforms, at the moment you’d have to take people to a separate webpage for a branch style videos, but I think as the social platforms develop, we’ll see more and more social platforms be able to host branch style interactive videos, quizzes and data input and that kind of a thing. I think that given the engagement that static videos already get on social media, it’s something that the platforms are going to be developing no matter what.

So whenever I’m hosting a video strategy session with a client, interactive videos is always the area that the client will start saying ‘ooohh, right yes I can see how that would apply. I can see how I can use that.’ And invariably interactive videos are where the marketing managers can see how they would work for their audience, but also internal comms, professionals, HR professionals, they can see how it would work for training purposes, for onboarding new recruits, inhouse training as well which is interesting. So, I hope that is a useful outline of what interactive videos are and how you can use them within your organisation if this is of interest and you would like to talk a little bit more in depth about your video strategies, feel free to book on for a video strategy session. Thanks for listening guys, take care.