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Why is video marketing so effective? What is it that makes people want to purchase your product or service? What impact can a video have on your marketing goals? Join Phil in this week’s episode of The Video Marketing Show where he will give several reasons as to why video marketing really is so effective. Watch the full episode via the link above.


Hello and welcome to The Video Marketing Show, I’m Phil and today, I want to answer the question, why is video marketing so effective?

Firstly I want to talk about the emotional connection that video can create, compared to text or image. Having real people talking about your product or service can help a business to build that emotional connection and relationship. Also, people expect to see video now, it’s a language that everyone understands and is now used across many platforms. 81% of businesses now use video, building that emotional connection with your customers is also really important as people buy from people. They want to understand completely what it is they are purchasing.

Secondly, I’d like to talk to you about how to save time and money using video. A perfect example of this would be, to use a short explainer video to describe a complicated product or service to your customer. This can alleviate calls to your call centre or your office, and therefore frees up your staff to do more important tasks within their day.

The final point I’d like to make is that there is an absolute range of videos out there on offer, from short social media clips to help engage your audience to fifteen-minute interactive training videos, there’s so much variety, and there will always be something to suit you and your customer’s needs. Animations a great example here, you get quite a few people who don’t like being in front of a camera and animation is a great way of potentially avoiding putting somebody in front of the camera, and bringing subjects to life as well, so perhaps something that’s not particularly visual can look a lot better in animated form than it does in live action. We also now have interactive video. This is where the viewer picks the journey that the video takes, again great for training as your staff are more likely to retain information from a video but also great for building trust in a relationship with customers due to the ease of getting to know your brand and products.

So, these are just a few of the reasons why video marketing is so effective. Positive ROIs come through using video and it’s said to be a language that everybody understands. People now expect to see video from companies, both in internal and external communications, and I think something that we are real big advocates of is having a video strategy session to find out more about how video can benefit a business and solve a business problem, that perhaps historically, video wouldn’t have been the chosen format.

Thank you for joining me on this episode of The Video Marketing Show. Please check out our other episodes on our YouTube channel and I’ll see you soon.