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In this week’s episode of The Video Marketing Show, Phill will talk you through his top ten tips to working with a video production company. Watch the full episode above on our YouTube channel, or listen to the podcast version below.


Welcome to The Ark Media Video Marketing Show

Hi, I’m Phil Arkinstall and welcome to The Video Marketing Show, one of the questions that I get asked a lot, is ‘what can I expect when working with a video production company?’

So, what are the ten things you can expect when working with a video production company?

Number one, defining what the problem is within your business or organisation and what solution video particularly offers. There can be a whole host of reasons why a video offers a solution to a problem, it could be that you need to get a message out to a group of people that you can’t get into a training room, so it needs to be distributed digitally to get the information across. It could be that you want to create brand awareness by having a video on your website or social media clips to encourage engagement and to help build an audience to get them to buy your product or service. Or it could be that you want to educate someone about a particular topic, there’s loads of reasons why you might need a video. So, I think the first port of call is definitely define what the problem is that you’re trying to solve and how video and what type of video you need to solve it.

Number two, you can expect creativity ideas mixing the message with a visual form and style. Therein lies the power of video it’s not just visual its auditory as well, and by combining those two powerful formats, it really does open a door to creativity. Creativity can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, it could be that you just incorporate graphics into a video, it could be the use of music and the subtly that offers around the mood and the emotion that you’re trying to draw out of a video, or it could be that the visual storytelling is something a little bit different for you organisation. It could also show a human face through a video, it might be something that you can’t get across in a blog, it might not come across on the website or still photography, that’s really the uniqueness of video production, it offers you both those stimuli formats and they come with a whole host of creativity.

The third thing to expect is, if you’re doing a day’s filming, it’s not going to be a normal day within your week, filming brings a lot of different emotions and expectations to the surface. It could be as simple as the office needs a tidy, it could be that the person that is being filmed or people that are being filmed are pushed slightly out of their normal comfort zone, and they have to do something that is perhaps alien to them, or it could just be a little bit of extra excitement or buzz to the office. But one thing is for certain, it’s always different, every day of filming is different and that is one of the most amazing things about working within a video production company.

Number four, guidance and explanation. Any video production team will do their best to guide you through the process. The process is very complicated, there’s a lot of different layers and elements to it, if you’ve got filming involved and you’ve got people involved in that, you have questions around what are they going to wear? You also have to consider what the questions will be, how those questions will be answered, there is an education piece on how to answer a question on camera. So, the general rule of thumb is to put the question at the beginning of the answer, and things like where to stand, where to look, how to position your body. These are all things that crews will definitely help with and provide guidance and explanation.

The fifth thing, after the filming is complete, it is guiding the power of the edit. When we are putting together projects, we get a lot of material, so for a one-minute promo, we might shoot six hours’ worth of material, and the power of the edit is to distil all of that visual information, the auditory information into a short promo. Now that obviously takes a lot of editorial judgement which comes both from the client side and the production company. But the client generally knows what they are after, so it is a very collaborative process. Also, within the power of the edit is to fix mistakes, if people say uhm, erm, so, it’s a good opportunity to put that right and make their sentences more articulate than perhaps they were when they were being filmed. It also gives editorial control, so perhaps they went off on a tangent in their answer or they weren’t particularly clear, to maximise the material that you have by putting it together in lots of different ways. On top of actually editing the narrative, or the message, there is also the stylistic side to editing. There is the potential to add graphics or cutaways or shots to explain what’s being shown visually, there is also adding music that can really create mood or give the video a certain vibe that perhaps you’re trying to create in the mind of the person watching it. Editing acts as a buffer, it’s not live, so effectively you can film a lot of material, and then at a slower pace than if it was a live broadcast, you can piece together what that story is, you can reconstruct the messaging, you can structure it in different ways. There is a massive power to editing and video production teams, will work closely with clients to make sure that the most powerful messages come out in the final product.

The sixth thing you can expect from a video production company, is for them to ask for your branding and your identity. That might be your colour scheme, your logo, and that will help them to design any call to action graphics at the end or the beginning of the film. Potentially an animated logo or title sequence, and also name captions, perhaps with the logo embedded into it, but also using the colours of the company or organisation. This can add great value to the final product, and it’s really important to reinforce the brand identity of the company, because it means there is consistency across all channels, the graphic design, through to the website, through to the video.

The seventh thing you can expect from a video production company, is to be consulted about potential use of music within your film. It might need music, it might not need music, however, if it does have music it is then making that music work for your audience. Music is such a subjective thing, somebody will love a bit of classical music, somebody will love a bit of rock and roll, it’s very hard to please all but as a business or an organisation, it’s key to figure out with your video production company, what your end user would benefit from the most, what would make them buy your product? What would make them enquire? What will make them look at your services? Music helps to convey the emotion of your film, so it is really important to consult with your video production company, to decide what piece of music you wish to use.

The eighth thing you can expect is to work in collaborative way and get feedback on the edit notes. So, when you have the first draft of your film, invariably a video production company these days will provide a digital file using something like Dropbox or WeTransfer to allow you to watch your video and make notes on your video. We currently use Dropbox which actually allows you to put notes into Dropbox, so they are time coded to the particular part of the video you wish to change. This is a great way of collaboratively looking at the notes together and making changes. But also, face to face is important, it’s great to invite a client to the edit suit to actually sit with the editor and the director to go through the edit, to do live feedback sessions. Ultimately, it’s all about making the video as good as it can be, through collaboratively editing.

The ninth thing you can expect is support in what you are going to with the video, so what is the output. Let’s say you end up with a two-minute film, now what do you do with that? Do you put it on your website? Do you put it into a PowerPoint presentation? Do you use it on social media? Does it go to YouTube or Vimeo? The production company will help you to define where the final product should be shown.

And finally, number ten, the video production company will help you to measure the success of your video. So, at the beginning of the process, it’s important to define what success looks like, so is that viewing figures on YouTube? Is that enquires, or direct sales? Is it raising brand awareness? If it is more of an internal comms video, is it perhaps reducing accidents or reducing training times, so instead of having a face to face sessions, staff could watch a video which would cut down the amount of face to face training time required, which obviously gives a time saving. As a video production company, it is ultimately important, to make sure that the video isn’t just produced, it’s not made on a whim that we need a video, but we don’t really know how we are going to measure and use it. If everything is measured, you can really tell whether video is the right portal for you.

So that is our top ten for what to expect when working with a video production company, so just to summarise

  1. Define the problem and what solution does video offer?
  2. Working with your production company through creativity
  3. Expecting a day out of the normal
  4. Expect guidance and explanation of the production process
  5. Guidance on the power of the edit
  6. Utilise your graphics and calls to action in your campaign
  7. Maximising the emotiveness of your video through music
  8. Collaboration on the feedback
  9. Support with what channels you should utilise your video, and finally number
  10. How to measure success

Thank you for joining me for this episode of the video marketing show, see you soon.